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  Welcome to Bulldozer Guitars. My name is Rich Olivier and I have been a guitarist and collector since the late 70's. I have always loved the style, shape and sound of the most unique guitars in existence. The more wild and exotic, the better. I have amassed an amazing collection of the sickest axes on the planet and continue to buy sell and trade. Please check out the Guitars for Sale page for the list of instruments I am currently offering.


BC Rich KOA Eagle / Mockingbird / Bich 6

Paul Reed Smith / Robin Machete Polka Dot V / Robbin Crosby / Dave Mustaine

  We are also home of the worlds most powerful pickup,The Bulldozer Triplebucker! With 24 OHM's of vicious power to produce the most amazing tone, you will never want a standard Humbucker again. Visit our Bulldozer Pickup page for full details!


Comes in Black, White, Cream, or Zebra to fit any style axe you have.

24k Ohms
Each Coil Ohms @ 8k
6 Conductor Pickup
Each Coil can be Coil Tapped


Price: $199.95

For more information contact Richard Olivier at phone number 732-740-2468
email me at BulldozerGuitars@aol.com.


Some of my guitars in the climate controlled collection room.

Contact us at : 732-740-2468 or BulldozerGuitars@aol.com